The Elderberry shrub or Elder, has been used for thousands of years for it’s nutritious and beneficial properties. Backed by scientific studies, it has been shown to enhance vital body functions and boasts high antioxidant levels. This superfood is considered safe enough to consume on a regular basis.


Elderberries (blend of organic and our own Certified Naturally Grown), local TN honey, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic or naturally grown rosehips and hibiscus when in season. Note: When available, we use rose hips, elderberries and hibiscus from our own farm and supplement with organic when needed.


Elderberry syrup can be used as both a preventative and for when illness strikes. It is usually just consumed straight from the bottle by the teaspoon or tablespoon. Being a nutritious food, it can also be drizzled on pancakes, yogurt or, heck, even cheesecake! I like adding it to lemonade (for a lovely pink color) or homemade electrolyte drinks, our healthy version of jello and for the adults – it makes a great cocktail mixer.


In 2009, when we bought our farm, it had been clear cut the year before. One of the first native plants to make an appearance, was the American Elderberry. I (Jen) became fascinated by it’s history, lore and healing properties. I began collecting it’s fruit, then became an avid forager for the wild berries, turning them into a beneficial syrup for our family. Fast forward 10 years and I am still making the syrup, now offering it to our customers. We began cultivating our our bushes, between our vegetable crops, to have a steady supply of the berries. Currently, we make our syrup with some of our own Certified Naturally Grown berries and supplement with purchased organic berries. The demand for our syrup has exceeded what we can currently supply, but as our bushes mature and our newly planted ones grow, we hope to one day make our syrup with 100% Pig & Leaf grown berries.